Who Can Benefit from Feldenkrais?

Anyone who has an interest in feeling better in their body will gain a lot. The common experiences we have of discomfort, pain, stiffness or tension may all be helped with Feldenkrais.

Sitting long hours, working on computers and doing repetitive movements can all take their toll  and through Feldenkrais the experience of these can be improved.

If you are a dancer, a musician, an actor, artist or someone who enjoys sports you will always benefit from refining how you use your body. Feldenkrais is a sophisticated way of enhancing all body movement from doing something very small and delicate with the tips of the fingers to larger, full body, movements, like a golf swing.

Feldenkrais can also be of real value to people who have suffered strokes and those living with Cerebral Palsy or Multiple Sclerosis.

The feeling of ageing in our bodies can be the experience that our movement is slowly (and sometimes rather quickly) becoming restricted, and Feldenkrais can be a wonderful antidote for this.  It helps to revitalise lost or forgotten movement and to find new possibilities too.