Hellerwork Structural Integration

Movement Re-Education

How we use our bodies has a great impact. We can continue to move in the same ways we always do or we can choose to find new ways of moving that can help us to feel so much better in ourselves. We can find new ways of moving that do not lead us back into past physical experiences of pain, discomfort, stiffness and more. Throughout the Hellerwork series we will be looking at how you sit, stand, walk and generally perform daily activities. If you have a specific activity like playing a musical instrument, or a sport, working on a computer we will address these too. We start by observing how you would habitually do these things and then we would decipher which habits support you and which ones may be limiting or hurting you. You will then learn some new ways of moving that could enhance your use of yourself and give you ways to take care of yourself in the future.