Functional Integration Lessons

When you come and see me for a Feldenkrais Functional Integration lesson I will begin by asking you about our needs and expectations and I’ll also ask you about your history. These lessons are done one-to-one.

Depending on your needs I may look at how you sit, stand or walk. If you are a musician, dancer, athlete or artist we would probably look at some movement you do in your particular activity. We would usually work together with you lying on a treatment couch. You will be fully clothed throughout the session and so it’s best if you’re wearing comfortable clothes in which you can move easily.

I will begin to gently move your body to first find out where you move with ease and comfort then to look for how I can help your body find more movement options so that your active movement quality, range, strength, co-ordination and ease can improve.

My aim is to help you become relaxed, so that your body can take on changes, and to make sure that you enjoy the movements we do in the session as this is important for your body to accept transformation. You and I will work as a team to listen to your body and find out where it wants to go.